Member Recruitment Program

NARI Members—Recruit and Reap Real Rewards!

Recruiting new members… What’s in it for me?
When you recruit 5 members, you get $200. Recruit 10 members and receive $500 more.


How do you do this?
Tip 1:

Ask an industry friend, contact your vendors for names of other remodelers, reach out to former members (who have been a non-member, inactive for more than a year), or ask your subs to join NARI.

Tip 2:

Once you’ve identified prospective members, invite them to attend a NARI meeting with you. Suggest they visit your chapter Website and Send them an issue of your chapter newsletter so they see what unique information is available to members. Share with them how your own business has benefited from NARI membership.

Tip 3:

Follow up. Send your prospective member an e-mail, thank them for their time and offer to answer any other questions they have. Include a membership application.

Tip 4:

Be ready to answer questions. Have information on hand, such as a list of membership benefits.