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NARI Member Logo and Brand Guidelines

JPGs are best used for websites. For print materials, an eps is the preferred file. To view an eps file, you must have Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop or a comparable graphics program. NARI logos cannot be altered in any way.

NARI Member Logos
NARI_Member_Logo_2016_RGB NARI_Member_Logo_2016_Full_RGB NARI_Member_Logo_2016_Black NARI_Member_Logo_2016_Full_Black NARI_Member_Logo_2016_White NARI_Member_Logo_2016_Full_White
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NARI Member Logo Brand Guidelines (PDF) - updated 10/18/2016


NARI Logos
NARI_Logo_07_2016_RGB NARI_Logo_07_2016_Full_RGB NARI_Logo_07_2016_Black NARI_Logo_07_2016_Full_Black NARI_Logo_07_2016_White NARI_Logo_07_2016_Full_White
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NARI Member Store

Visit the NARI Member Store for a variety of products to promote your NARI membership. 



Introducing NARI BuildingBucksTM, an exciting new strategic partnership between NARI and EnerBank USA. When used strategically, you will experience the following benefits from the payment options program:

• Increase in leads

• Increase in close rate

• Increase in average project size

• Decrease in cancellations and discounting

Learn more at Already enrolled? Download the Consumer Marketing Materials.

Marketing Materials

Social Media Engagement Campaign

The NARI Marketing Committee is excited to launch our first Social Media Engagement Campaign to run September 6th – November 6th. We will be posting social media content and best practices here in the Brand Center, along with weekly tips in NARI Newswatch to boost your social presence. 

NARI Membership Letters

NARI offers letters, to be copied onto company letterhead, explaining the importance of your NARI membership to a homeowner. If you’re NARI certified, NARI offers a letter that explains the importance of that, too.

I am a NARI Member (DOC) - posted 9/8/16

I am a Certified NARI Member (DOC)  - posted 9/8/16

Consumer Brochures

How to Select a Remodeler and NARI Code of Ethics Brochure - posted 12/16/2016

Code of Ethics - posted 12/16/2016

Press Releases

Download a variety of press releases they can customize to send out—from an award or certification announcement to useful information for National Home Improvement Month (in May) and about what homeowners must know about the Lead Renovation, Repair & Painting Rule (LRRP).

NARI lnfographics

Use these infographics on your Website or as a printed piece.


Download these quick reads that provide a homeowner with useful knowledge on how to care for their home—cementing your role as the expert in their eyes. Use this content in your e-newsletter, your Website and your social media channels.  

PowerPoint Presentations

NARI members often speak to groups such as Realtors or invite the public into their offices to better educate them on the remodeling process. NARI has presentations about how to hire a professional remodeler, green remodeling and more that can be customized with your company name, contact information and logo. There are even notes for you to use.