NARI has partnered with Consumer Specialists and our Strategic Planning Committee to create 30 micro-surveys that are anonymous, 3 questions or less and topical to give us the pulse on our members and industry.

We envision these surveys to help NARI understand our member’s needs and support our existing programs. The surveys are easy to answer and sometimes controversial to encourage engagement. The survey questions will raise awareness on political issues, personal goals and expectations, financial success and how NARI can help you succeed.


Survey 1: How Are You Doing? 

Survey 2: What Did You Do On Your Summer Vacation?

Survey 3: How Much Time Do We Spend at Work?



Survey 2: What Did You Do On Your Summer Vacation?

We are a hard working group that doesn't seem to know how to have fun.  The results of our 2nd micro survey are in.

·         40% of us did not take a vacation this summer!

·         30% of those that did take time off only took long weekends

·         Half of vacationers did take a trip

·         25% of us reported a dream vacation

If you are part of the group that that took a vacation can you help encourage the rest of us and post some vacation pictures on our Facebook Page? So that left most of us at home, working instead of taking the time off we need to recharge our batteries.  Are you satisfied with the time you took off this summer?


Archived Results

New survey results will be posted every week, and previous survey results will stay archived here. Questions? E-mail marketing@nari.org

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