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NARI needs the active involvement of its membership. The majority of the planning within NARI is done at the committee level. Serving on a committee is an excellent way to channel your energy and opinions into the decision-making process.

By volunteering to serve on a committee as a voting member, you make a commitment to attend scheduled in-person or conference call meetings.  According to NARI Bylaws, any member in good standing or any chapter executive may serve as a voting member on up to two standing committees, and may serve as a non-voting member on other standing committees.

You must complete this form for the new program year, which begins immediately following the annual meeting in the spring, in order to serve on a committee. Committee assignments do not automatically carry over from the prior year.  Being in attendance or participating at a meeting does not constitute committee membership.

NARI Committee Sign-Up

Choose committees of interest. Up to two choices can be as a voting member