Workforce Taskforce

Workforce Development Taskforce


Today the industry faces a new problem:  the lack of skilled labor.  Following the collapse of the housing industry in 2007, remodeling companies found themselves downsizing at unprecedented rates, and many closed their doors.  As the economy continues to recover and remodeling companies try to meet the demand, they are finding that skilled carpenters, plumbers, and electricians are not available.  Many have retired or have left the industry.  The question is:  where can the industry find or train the skilled labor needed to meet its current and future needs?


How should NARI guide the development of the workforce required to support requirements of the remodeling industry in the years to come?


This taskforce membership will consist of the following:

  • Membership will be comprised of at least 10 but no more than 15 members.
  • Members will be representative stakeholders (remodelers, trades, and the education community) and should represent the various regions of the US. 
  • NARI’s CEO and the Director of Education and Certification will provide staff support for this Taskforce.


The taskforce will normally meet monthly telephonically or via an online collaboration tool.  It may meet more often if required as agreed by the taskforce members.


This Taskforce will provide recommendations to NARI leadership for consideration when developing programs to foster the development of the remodeling industry’s future workforce.  Recommendations may address the following:

  • Messaging to public schools and community colleges
  • Support to local chapters regarding technical college partnerships
  • Education programs targeting entry level or potential employees
  • SkillsUSA promotion and use by NARI Chapters
  • Recommendations for working with veterans’ groups to locate potential skilled trades and entry level workers

This list has a broad scope and should be considered a starting point.  The taskforce is free to consider additional points.


This taskforce will sunset when the report with comprehensive recommendations has been completed and delivered to the Board of Directors.


Workforce Development Taskforce Application

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