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ProFinder USA is the home improvement industries exclusive source for career & business opportunities. There are so many incredible opportunities in the home improvement industry and it is important that more people become aware of what those are. Not just for job seekers, but also for those interested in starting a new business or trying to grow an existing business.

Job Seekers
For job seekers, the website offers a quick, streamlined process to create a free profile so they can begin applying in just minutes. For job seekers in the skilled trades, there is the opportunity to add examples of their work to help them stand out from the other applications. Our Career Resources section offers advice on resume writing, interview tips, and more. If English is not your first language, ProFinder USA is multilingual so you have the option of selecting a different language. 

For employers, ProFinder USA is a cost effective tool to attract the right applicants for your company. It is dedicated to the home improvement industry, so the quality of the average applicant is much higher. It costs less per job listing than other major competitors, with listings starting at $250 and decreasing from there based on volume. Your employer account also comes with an applicant tracking system (ATS), allowing you to easily manage applicants, sort resumes, and simplify your internal hiring process. 

Business Opportunities
For business owners in the home improvement industry, there is a lot of misinformation out there and it can be devastating to small business owners. ProFinder USA's Business Opportunities section is a transparent resource and a reliable third party to help businesses choose what products they carry, dealer networks they join, and what vendors they select. If you are considering starting a business or looking to grow your current business, please review the information to ensure you make an informed decision.

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