Powerpoint Presentations

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  • ZIP Document  NARI Workforce Development PPT
    NARI’s commitment to supporting efforts both locally and nationally for workforce development is unwavering. This PowerPoint walks audiences through the current state of the industry, NARI’s workforce development study and what NARI is doing to effect change.
  • PPTX Document  NARI EPA RRP for Homeowners
    Use this PowerPoint Template to present to consumers information regarding Lead Paint in their home. Update the template with your name and contact information on the first and final slide.
  • PPTX Document  NARI Universal Design for Homeowners
    Share what Universal Design is and why it is important. Walk through examples of what Universal Design looks like and its features. Customize the title slide and final slide with your contact information. Feel free to add in examples of your own work as well.
  • PPTX Document  NARI Green for Homeowners
    Use this presentation to show consumers the value or green design and the many options they have to ensure their home is more energy efficient. Customize the first and final slide with your contact information. Create new slides to add in examples of your work as well.
  • PPTX Document  NARI How to Avoid a Remodeling Nightmare
    Share this presentation with potential consumers ready to remodel. Talking points provided to expand on the key slides. This presentation covers topics like: Finding a Remodeler, Planning, Contracts, DYI vs Contractor and the benefits of working with a NARI member professional. Customize the presentation with your contact information on the title and final slides.