• NARI has kept me current on industry changes and new products. NARI has done a great job keeping us up-to-date with legislation and what happens on the Hill.

    Bearin Santos - Big Bear Construction Inc
    Smyrna, GA
  • Being a Member-At-Large means I am one of the few contractors in my area who belong to NARI, and that has truly set me apart from the pack. Clients are interested in what NARI stands for. After I explain to them our core values, business standards and expertise, customers seem to gravitate toward me. I have more business than I can handle, and I know NARI has contributed to my success.

    I look forward to furthering the industry in the years to come. NARI sets the standards high for remodelers who are dedicated to providing the best quality work and integrity to homeowners. I believe the homeowners and remodelers of Springfield, Mo., would benefit greatly from having a strong NARI chapter, and I hope one day to make that a reality by starting a chapter.

    Chad Holgerson - Keystone Building and Design LLC
    Nixa, MO
  • The reasons for becoming a member of NARI have stayed the same, though over time the benefits have evolved. Originally, I decided to join NARI for access to the education program and networking opportunities that I, as a small business owner, knew that I needed.

    To elaborate, medium to large-sized companies have the luxury of budgeting for training, continuing education courses and conferences throughout the year to gain the business management and trade skills. But as a smaller company, I found the most affordable way for me to access high-level training was through NARI.

    Immediately after joining, I gained credentials through NARI certification programs, participated in leadership positions at the chapter and networked at meetings. Our meetings at the Southeast Michigan Chapter are very educational and informative, and they’ve proved to be a great advantage to staying on top of industry changes. My certifications also ensure that my skills fit today’s remodeling standards but also have allowed me to position myself as a qualified, professional remodeler in front of clients.

    These are values I have come to inherit through my NARI membership but this year I received two leads from homeowners who found my member listing on the NARI Web site. To say the least, it was a pleasant surprise to get sales leads through the NARI Webpage—something I wasn’t really expecting before.

    Looking back, this really shouldn’t be a surprise, as having consumers find me on NARI’s Web sites is more likely than having them find my company Web site. It gives me a bigger platform to promote my services to a much larger, more diverse group of homeowners. Now I consider my NARI membership more valuable as before since these two leads have more than paid for my membership. Basically, everything I gain from NARI membership for the rest of the year is a bonus.

    Gary Grabowski, CR, UDCP - Greater Home Services LLC
    Beverly Hills, MI
  • I was very attracted to NARI because it was a group of professional remodelers who were committed to excellence, they were commited to integrity, they were committed to the industry of remodeling and making it more professional.

    Christopher Wright, CR - WrightWorks LLC
    Indianapolis, IN
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