Use online apps to build up your e-mail-mail database

Do you have e-mails for all your Facebook fans? If you’re actively engaging people on social networks, you may want to consider kicking that engagement up a notch by communicating your story through a company e-newsletter as well.

Lino Carosella, CR, CKBR, GCP, president of Carosella Design Build in Havertown, Pa., is taking full advantage of his social media efforts by inviting his Facebook fans to sign up for his e-newsletter.

But he’s not just posting the invitation on his wall, where it will get lost among his other posts. Instead, he’s utilizing an app available through his Constant Contact e-mail system, which signs them up when they visit his Facebook page.

“The goal was to capture more e-mails into our database,” Carosella says.

The app, which is free to Constant Contact users, is installed on a Facebook page, and will appear as the landing page for all unique visitors prompting them to sign up for the company’s e-newsletter. There is also an icon at the top of Carosella’s Facebook page for people to join the company’s list as well—to capture repeat visitors or pre-existing followers of his page.

Facebook page owners are given an opportunity to customize the sign-up form with a logo and message. Once people are signed up, their contact information is stored directly into the owner’s Constant Contact account. In addition to e-mails, the app also collects names and addresses as well—further assisting Carosella with his targeted marketing campaigns.

From there, you can include them when you send your e-newsletter or download the contact list for another use

“It’s up to us to drive traffic to our Facebook page, and we do this by putting a link to our page on everything,” Carosella says, “and the e-newsletter made sense to help us increase engagement to new or repeat clients.

Carosella started his e-newsletter eight months ago, and he says that his e-mail list has grown five to six times larger thanks to the Facebook app.

“Now it’s up to me to stay consistent with the e-newsletter,” he says. –Morgan Zenner

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