Closer Look Universal Design: Aging in Place

From the pages of the 2022 Live NARI magazine, we take a closer look at Universal Design: Aging in Place. The oldest of the Baby Boomer generation is now aging into their mid-70s, and they’re shaking up the senior care industry as they have everything else in their lifetimes. More often now, elderly parents and grandparents are choosing not to enter senior care facilities and instead remain in their homes or move in with their adult children. 


Live NARI Magazine: Closer Look Green Design

The increased demand for sustainable design choices in buildings is growing rapidly and shows no signs of slowing down. As the impact of our warming climate becomes more and more acknowledged by the public, trends in green home design are sure to move from novelty to expected. When it comes to residential properties, green is the new normal.


New workwear company meets need for women in construction

While interning for a general contractor in Washington D.C. during her junior year of college, Morgan Dawson struggled with what to wear on the job. She tried denim jeans, but found them restricting. She tried boy-sized construction pants, but they didn't fit right. Frustrated by the lack of options for women working in construction, Dawson came up with the idea to design durable pants for women to feel comfortable and confident on the job. Her company Dawson Workwear is now growing.


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