Exam Dates

Every NARI Certification candidate must complete and pass an examination corresponding to their chosen certification. 

All certification exams are administered online and may be completed from the comfort of your own home, providing you have a stable internet connection. 

Exams are proctored live by allowing the examination proctor to observe the examinee via their cell phone camera for the duration of the exam. 

All examination logistics will be arranged by NARI Certification Staff. 

Please remember that a NARI Certification staff member will reach out to you as the examination period approaches to confirm that you wish to test during the upcoming exam period and to arrange examination logistics. It is crucial that you reply to the e-mail asking you to confirm if you wish to test during the upcoming exam period so we can arrange testing for you. 

Once your exam has been arranged, you can take it any time during the two week testing period. 

2024 Certification Exam Periods

May 6 - 19
August 12 - 25
December 2 - 15


2024 Certification Exam Periods

May 6 - May 19
August 12 - 25
December 2 - 15

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