How to Apply

It’s painless we promise.

  1. Create a presentation (max 30 pages) that outlines the project goals and highlights the transformation you achieved
    • Include architectural drawings, before and after photos and any other relevant project information
  2. Write a 100 word project summary
  3. Complete and upload the Client-Contractor Agreement and Photo Release forms
  4. Submit your presentation, project summary, entry fee and additional supporting documents to NARI HQ by the deadline dates listed below
Deadlines and Fees
Early bird – Aug 5, 2019 to Nov 5, 2019 - $175
Standard – Nov 6, 2019 to Nov 26, 2019 - $ 195
Late entry – Nov 27, 2019 to Dec 4, 2019 - $225
Team Members - $175

If you don’t toot your horn, no one will hear the music!

See additional rules and helpful information below.

Client Contractor Agreement

Photographer's Release Form

Green Criteria

Universal Design Criteria

Full Category List

CotY Rules

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