Hurricane Harvey and How to Help

Southeast Texas continues to experience epic and catastrophic impact from Tropical Storm Harvey.  NARI members and local chapters in Houston, San Antonio, Austin and Dallas need our support as the storm impacts the lives of our friends and families.


These Three Little Changes Could Easily Double a Remodeler’s Net Profits

The remodeling market is now even better than it was before the recession.  2017 is expected to be a banner year for remodeling with consumer spending expected to increase by upwards of 8%.  That can be good news for remodelers still trying to catch up from the challenges of the great recession.  So, don’t think like a hungry teenager at a buffet grabbing everything you can in case the food runs out again.  Instead be selective and scan the buffet for the jobs and customers with the greatest potential for profits.   Here are three easy things smart remodelers can do to increase profits next year and beyond.


Why NARI Certifications Are Important

When I ventured into the world of remodeling almost 14 years ago (as a profession and not just GC’ing large additions/remodels on my own homes), I was coming from a background in Management Consulting with PricewaterhouseCoopers and Deloitte Consulting. In consulting, it was important to be certified in the technologies and methods being utilized to solve client’s issues. It gave you a leg up against other consultants that were doing the same thing, but didn’t have any formal training or certification. 


Refrigerators and Freezers Part Ways With Monogram Columns

Kitchen renovations historically have revolved around your wide-open refrigerator and freezer space, which were always one unit. The problem? This doesn’t align with how people live anymore; how they cook, entertain or want their kitchen to be designed. The solution: Monogram Columns.


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