Remodelista latest remodeling-focused Website

There is no shortage of residential design and home improvement-related Websites and social media—just think Houzz, HomeTalk and Pinterest. is the newest Website to emerge. Two NARI members share their use of the new site, and how they hope to capture new clients on this platform.


Designers, what inspires you?

As a designer, your creativity flow is endless, right? Designers are constantly tasked with creating the perfect solution to suit their clients’ needs and desires, but how one gets to that point is a matter of inspiration.  NARI designers discuss their design strategies and unlikely sources of inspiration.


Create how-to video library to sell your company’s expertise

Noticing that customers often asked the same questions about using the products he installed, Ward Gilbert, owner of Gilbert Plumbing in Mesa, Ariz., developed a much-needed customer service tool known as Plumbpedia™. It is an online resource hub, filled with how-to videos, information and manufacturer links of the products he installs. The tool also has the capability to be uploaded onto a device through the Apple iTunes store.


How to get potential clients into your remodeling showroom

Showrooms are a great way to showcase your remodeling talents and products, but having a showroom doesn’t necessarily mean that people will come.  It’s a lesson that Dennis Gehman, CR, CKBR, CLC, president of Gehman Design Remodeling based in Harleysville, Pa., learned nearly seven years ago when he transformed an old barn into a stunning showroom.


NARI congratulates January’s newly certified members

NARI members looking to further their professionalism—as well as to add another tool to their marketing arsenal—often get certified in one of NARI’s nine subject areas. These certifications measure your knowledge base, not your attendance at a class.


Remodelers forecast a bright 2013

The National Association of the Remodeling Industry’s (NARI) fourth-quarter Remodeling Business Pulse data of current and future remodeling business conditions has experienced significant growth across all indicators, with forecasting in the next three months hitting its all-time highest level.


NARI members find little value in lead-gen services

No topic in the remodeling industry draws more comment than the topic of online lead generation companies. There are those who get many jobs from the leads purchased from these companies and there are just as many people who feel cheated.


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