How to help clients think about budget

When considering remodeling, one of the first questions most people ask is, “What will it cost?” At the same time, the remodeling contractor needs to know the budget available to accurately plan the scope of the project.


Kitchen remodeling up to pre-recession level

Nearly two-thirds of homeowners—66 percent—say that now is a good time to invest in their homes, and kitchens are one of the key areas they are improving, according to a new survey by the Research Institute for Cooking & Kitchen Intelligence (RICKI).


Women business groups prove to be good for business

According to the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO), women own 30% businesses a total of 7.8 million firms generating $1.2 trillion in sales as of 2012.  As that number grows, so does the need for entrepreneurial female networking groups to strengthen business and development in a world dominated by males.


NARI Certification Board adjusts requirements for GCP, CRPM and UDCP

After much research and discussion, the Certification Board took the unprecedented action of reducing the years of experience required to pursue the Green Certified Professional (GCP), Certified Remodeling Project Manager (CRPM), and Universal Design Certified Professional (UDCP). Instead of the previous requirement of five years of full-time employment in the remodeling industry, the Certification Board lowered the requirement to two years of full-time employment in the remodeling industry.


Two NARI members earn MCR designation

NARI’s Master Certified Remodeler, or MCR, recognizes those who have attained the Certified Remodeler (CR) certifications and who have demonstrated commitment to the remodeling industry through support of their local chapter, NARI National and/or their local community. The MCR identifies CRs who have stood the test of time and continue to be succesful within the industry.


Are you violating copyright using photography on your social media sites?

Social media allows for easy sharing of content across multiple channels. Although NARI members are taking advantage of the branding opportunities that social media provides, they can be violating copyright laws as well.



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