What’s in a remodeling company name?

The remodeling industry is ripe with owner names serving as company names, or names aimed at customer service or quality. But what about those companies with unique names that are completely unrelated to remodeling?  NARI members share their stories behind the name—where they originate and why their unusual names make them stand out.


Use online apps to build up your e-mail-mail database

Do you have e-mails for all your Facebook fans? If you’re actively engaging people on social networks, you may want to consider kicking that engagement up a notch by communicating your story through a company e-newsletter as well.


More signs continue to point to growth in remodeling industry

The latest numbers shared during the Home Improvement Research Institute’s (HIRI) Nov. 14, Pulse Webinar continues to predict modest growth within the remodeling industry over the next few years.  Much of the anticipated growth is due to the housing market recovery.


What remodeling can learn from Ritz-Carlton’s customer service program

What makes the Ritz-Carlton chain of hotels so successful, despite its high price point, is its focus on fulfilling the unexpressed wishes and needs of its guests. John M. Cashion, director of operations for the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company LLC, shared how those within the remodeling industry can use these techniques to create lasting relationships with their clientele, during his keynote address at the 3rd Annual Remodeler & Supplier Expo hosted by Milwaukee NARI last week.


Repurpose CotY binder content for Website portfolio

David Pekel, CR, president of Pekel Construction & Remodeling Inc., based in Wauwatosa, Wis., says that every project featured on his Website is a NARI award-winning project, either locally or nationally.  “If it’s worthy for our Website, it’s worthy for an award,” Pekel says.


NARI congratulates November’s newly certified members

NARI members looking to further their professionalism—as well as to add another tool to their marketing arsenal—often get certified in one of NARI’s nine subject areas. These certifications measure your knowledge base, not your attendance at a class.


NARI withdraws from CR accreditation process

For the past five years, NARI has been pursuing accreditation of the Certified Remodeler (CR) program through the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), and has made unimaginable strides in the overall improvement of the CR program that would otherwise not have been possible.


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