Local Business Facebook Pages – Verification Badge

If you’ve ever come across a Facebook page that is associated with a well-known company or person, you’ve probably seen the blue check mark next to their name. This blue check mark, according to Facebook, means that this page is a verified celebrity, public figure, sports team or other media and entertainment organizations.


Five Ways to Sabotage Your Business

There are, of course, many ways to sabotage your business. And, chances are, your staff is doing some of these now, without you even knowing it. And worse yet, you’ve probably even heard some of this yourself (ouch!). That’s the bad news.


6 Steps to Help Clients Understand Their Style

Homeowners and home buyers are blessed with seemingly endless options across numerous product categories. But amid all those choices, many find themselves overwhelmed, unable to narrow down home designs and styling to meet a specific focus.


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