Could Rental Housing Be a Growth Opportunity for Your Business?

As you probably noticed, there was a surge of purchases of houses by investors. These folks stepped in at the bottom of the housing cycle and bought many houses to rent and then eventually look to make a capital gain by selling as prices rebound.  They were major buyers of distressed properties, particularly foreclosures.


Hiring for Cultural Fit: 5 Tips

It’s one of the hallmarks of the modern human resources department: A job applicant may have all the resume items, all the experience, all the career milestones you’re looking for. He might be, on paper, an ideal candidate—and yet, he might also be a terrible choice for your company. And it might all boil down to a simple idea: Cultural fit.


Learn to Play by Google’s SEO Rules

If you haven’t already noticed, Google has recently implemented some new policies that can vastly affect your ability to get found on the Internet. While SEO has always been a challenge, the recent announcement by Google has added a new element to the game.


NARI Remodeling Member Profile Survey Results – 2014

Results from the recently conducted NARI Remodeling Member Profile Survey have been analyzed and a new report has been created. This study was previously conducted in 2011, 2012, and 2013.


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