A Masters in Seminary Fosters Communication with Clients

What does remodeling have to do with Seminary?

Plenty according to NARI member Stephan Sardone from Sardone Construction.  “I have a Masters in Ministry and a Masters in Cross Cultural Communication. This training is very helpful when working with clients,” Stephan commented. “It’s the job of the communicator to listen. I learned a lot about people in seminary and appreciate them as they are, not just assuming they are like me.”

The road to remodeling didn’t begin in seminary, but long before. Stephan’s remodeling career began in college. The school was remodeling a building and he was able to work for room and board, plus $8.00 an hour to boot. It was a great deal. “I had a lot of fun and learned a lot. I like to say I am an okay craftsman and good at putting great teams together.” Eventually he went to graduate school and then started a small business. “I grew the company little by little taking on small projects, managing the process, and going to school. When I finished school, I had a good client list.”

Design Build Helps Grow Business

He then made the transition and switched from just general contracting to Design Build. When asked what his favorite part of the business is, he enthusiastically answered, “Re-Designing a house – I love the process and it’s great when we start with a blank canvas.”  
Sardone Construction Project
The Sardone Construction team thrives when working with clients on kitchens, master suite remodeling, and outdoor spaces. “We have great satisfaction in reconfiguring an existing space without adding additional structure. Our goal is to find a solution and provide a great design within our clients’ budget.”

A Strong Network Nurtures Success

What has helped Stephan be successful? Quality of life is so important, which includes juggling the business, clients, and family. In addition to a strong design and production team of eight and a solid client list, NARI has helped Stephan’s company. “I knew about NARI, but thought I was too busy for it early on. Getting involved a few years ago has provided an opportunity to participate in the contractor roundtable. It’s a great space for learning and meeting other great people in the industry,” he shared and then added, “With two small kids, it’s a lot to keep balance, but being involved with NARI is beneficial.”

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