The Unseen Benefits of NARI's Certified Remodeler Certification

Having been actively engaged with the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) for nearly a decade, I've experienced firsthand the benefits of the Certified Remodeler certification. But, like every journey, the unexpected twists and turns often lead to the most profound insights.

The Certified Remodeler (CR) certification is more than just a title. It offers training highlighting best business practices, foundational financial strategies, and a thorough review of our various trades in our remodeling endeavors. The knowledge gained from this certification is not just theoretical but practical, providing a robust framework for those aiming to excel in the remodeling industry.

Beyond increasing one's professional knowledge, this certification opened doors to a more profound and enriching experience with NARI. Not only did it foster a deeper involvement with the association, but it also paved the way for my volunteerism on the national Board of Directors, ultimately culminating in my election to the executive committee. While certification is by no means a pre-requisite for such involvement, it certainly kindled in me a passion to give back, to ensure others could experience the myriad benefits I had reaped.

NARI is not just an association. It's a community, a fraternity of ambitious, like-minded professionals on a relentless quest for improvement. The camaraderie I've found within NARI's ranks has been nothing short of inspiring. Interacting with peers who share similar dreams, visions, and challenges has broadened my perspective, allowing me to envision what our company could potentially achieve, having witnessed the successes of others.

In many ways, my experience with NARI has been an enlightening voyage of discovery. It's reshaped my understanding of what's attainable in the remodeling sector, especially in our dynamic economic landscape. And to think, this transformative journey all began with the decision to pursue the Certified Remodeler certification.

So, to those standing at the crossroads, wondering whether to embark on the NARI journey, I can only say this: The Certified Remodeler certification is not just a steppingstone but a gateway—a gateway to a world of endless learning, meaningful connections, and boundless possibilities. Dive in, and you may find, as I did, that the horizon is far broader than you ever imagined.

Learn more about NARI Certifications here.

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