NARI nominated in Jackson Design and Remodeling’s Industry Blogger Awards

NARI National is honored to announce two nominations in the 2013 Jackson Design and Remodeling (JDR) Industry Blogger Awards, in the Best Remodeling Blogger category and the Best Microblog Blogger category.


Construction safety report highlights common jobsite risks

“Getting Results—The Value of CPWR,” a report produced by The Center for Construction Research and Training (formerly the Center to Protect Workers’ Rights, or CPWR), includes information on hazards and safety issues found on residential construction sites.


NARI Spring Business Meeting schedule promises many educational opportunities, fun

NARI National welcomes Kansas City NARI leaders and members to all meetings and events.  Please pre-register for all events so we can accommodate everyone.  As delegates and chapter leaders participate in the Race for Relevance toward NARI 2020, we share the following meeting and event highlights to date.


NARI needs stories about availability of credit

As outlined in NARI’s 2013-14 legislative priorities, NARI is concerned about the lack of access to financing and credit available to your consumers.


What are you doing to remodel workforce development?

Peter Pagenstecher, CR, president of Pagenstecher Group Inc., based in Kensington, Md., believes the remodeling industry is facing major challenges because of a depleted skilled workforce.  “By and large, there is a diminishing number of qualified tradespeople in our industry, and we need to be reaching out to younger generations to expose them to this career path,” Pagenstecher says.


NARI remodelers more successful than industry norm

Members of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) continue to lead the industry in terms of sales, production and employees, according to results of the 2012 NARI Member Profile Study.  The data—designed to provide a snapshot of NARI remodelers—shows slight growth in the number of company locations, in-house design work, dedicated salespeople and types of services offered.


NARI chapters team with Rebuilding Together

Remodelers are eager to assist within their community, but sometimes those experiences can be less than rewarding if not handled correctly.  Lack of scope of work, mishandled funds, lack of volunteers—these are just a few of the things that can turn a good thing into a drain on a remodeler’s resources and energy.


Project management stabilizes growth

It’s been seven years since Laura Taylor joined Lensis Builders Inc. in Manassas, Va. The operations manager had perfect timing—owner Richard Lensis and his wife couldn’t take on the project management role any longer because they wanted to focus on growing the business.


NARI congratulates February’s newly certified members

NARI members looking to further their professionalism—as well as to add another tool to their marketing arsenal—often get certified in one of NARI’s nine subject areas. These certifications measure your knowledge base, not your attendance at a class.


Why your health care plan must be in place in 2013

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act goes into effect Jan. 1, 2014, but there are current aspects to health care reform that can impact your business a year from now.  Small businesses (defined as less than 50 employees) are not required to provide health care to employees under the health care mandate. However, small businesses choosing to provide health care may have a competitive advantage over employee talent and retention.


Professionalism: A Definition in the Remodeling Industry

Professionalism has been a topic dominating articles in remodeling industry publications and social network discussions over the past year.  As an industry that struggles with a persistent negative perception of remodeling contractors, the leadership of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) grappled with a working definition of what it means to be a professional in this industry.  Just what should consumers look for in hiring a professional for a home improvement project?


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