NARI Omaha Announces First Female Board President

Women in the Remodeling Industry continue to make an impact. More and more women are attracted to remodeling and construction as expansion and new opportunities are created.

Greater Omaha NARI announced that Megan Bratetic, Bratetic Construction, Inc. (Omaha, NE) has been elected as the first female Chapter President to lead the Association. Bratetic is the first female Board President and looks forward to building the dialogue regarding training and skilled labor, diversity in the remodeling industry and opportunities specifically for women.

“I feel very fortunate to be a part of this organization.  This is an exciting time and I’m very proud to lead this great group as President,” says Bratetic. “The work that NARI is doing to enhance the professionalism of the remodeling industry means so much to me as a remodeler and business owner.  I’m fully committed to help continue the growth of our chapter and support NARI’s mission.” 

NARI continues to blaze the path forward for women by offering roles in leadership. The Chairwoman of the NARI National Board of Directors, Judy Mozen has actively advocated on behalf of women to promote the number of opportunities that will attract diversity to NARI’s industry. Megan also serves on NARI’s National Board of Directors as the Chairperson of the National Marketing & Communications Committee.  With Bratetic’s leadership roles within NARI comes an opportunity to shed light on the many opportunities and need for more women to join the construction industry.

Interestingly, women make the majority of the decisions in a home remodel yet only a small percentage are part of the construction labor force. By focusing on this opportunity for diversity along with increasing awareness of NARI’s strong new branding “Remodeling Done Right,” NARI promises to deliver professionalism, quality to consumers like never before.

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