Five Things To Consider Before Creating Online Videos

by Donna Davis

Many people want to “jump into” the craze for online video, but it pays to look before you leap. Have a master plan just as you do in remodeling. Below are five things to consider before picking up your tablet or calling a professional.

#1 Know your goal and be realistic

As the owner of a video production, I meet with a lot of people. Sometimes clients have a clear goal for creating video, but many times they don’t. They might want it to “go viral” or they may want 1,000 views on I advise having a clear cut goal.

Here’s what is realistic: Increasing your close ratio by 20% by providing potential customers with information they can’t glean from your website. Let them “meet” you and gauge your personality and expertise. Let them “meet a client” and see why that client chose you. After all, sales really is about finding the perfect fit. So, if prospects meet you and feel a connection, your sales call should go better.

#2 Decide on a realistic budget

Let’s assume you’ve decided you want a video on your web site and you want to include yourself and a client. Now, what? Do you shoot the video yourself or go with a pro? It’s a branding question. If the video is going on a website you created and your brand is built around saving the client money, doing it yourself makes sense.  The video is like anything other marketing piece – a reflection of your brand. So, it should be a seamless element of your marketing.

If your brand is focused on quality, your video should be shot and edited by a professional, no question. Some businesses have elaborate photography, beautiful brochures, and an elegant website, then they put a do it yourself video on their site. That kind of marketing is giving prospects mixed messages.

#3 What is a realistic budget for professional video?

Location shooting is by far the most expensive element of video production. So, plan the shoot to take in every element you’ll need at the same time. All interviews should be in one location and be shot back to back. If you plan your shoot well, you should be able to get a half day rate. You might want a videographer or a videographer and a producer. The producer is there to do interviews and to help the videographer. Half day rates in Atlanta (and they vary around the country) are $600 for each person. Full day rates are $1,000 for each person.

Some companies have packages such as a video up to three minutes at $2,500. That includes a half day shoot and all aspects of editing. Most companies will give you a price per finished minute as well. The standard is about $1,000 per finished minute.

#4 Should I use a script or conduct interviews?

You may notice that videos either seem to follow a script, where participants are given a exactly what to say or they seem conversational. I believe the most effective videos are the ones that allow the viewer to “meet” you, the real you, not the you trying to read a script. I highly recommend seeking a video production company willing to create the script after they conduct interviews. That’s how television news reporters do it, and that’s why the interviews look conversational. Having genuine interviews will allow a greater connection to you and to your client . That connection should translate into sales.

#5 How do I choose the right video production company?

It’s tough to rely on Google for the best companies. Most likely, if you simply Google search you will find the most expensive companies. Some of the greatest companies are way down the list. Once you find a company that does the kind of work you like, check them out. Look at their work. Read their reviews. Ask for a free in person consultation. If they aren’t willing to do that, skip them and go to the next one.

donna2About The Author: Donna Davis is the owner of, a video production company specializing in story driven videos. She produced an interior design tv show for eight years. She’s produced and hosted the Evening of Excellence, as well as dozens of videos for NARI Atlanta remodelers. She founded the Atlanta Internet Video Marketing Association, which has more than 400 members. For more information, contact Donna at or call 770-485-6667.

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