Top 5 technologies that you need on your job site

It is no secret that technology has made our lives easier. Whether it be to order food or book accommodations for a trip, the convenience is undeniable. When it comes to the world of construction, technology is becoming a key part in helping contractors keep a safe, efficient and productive working environment. Here is a list of the top 5 technologies that you need on your job site, in no particular order.


Nowadays, there is an application for everything and anything, even making life easier on the job site. With apps like RenoRun, you can conveniently order any kind of material directly to your job site. This is great for contractors looking to schedule all of their orders in advance. RenoRun is also there for those who need something last minute and can’t afford to have a worker leave the site to run an errand. Apps like this have contractors top of mind as they help to provide ways to get back time and gain efficiencies.


With the advancements of wearables and the ability to embed them directly into PPE, clothing and equipment. Collecting data on movements, heart rate, fatigue, and temperature is easier to capture than ever before. 
Take for example SmartCap, they make a helmet that detects fatigue and microsleeps or SolePower, who manufacture smart boots that can track location amongst other things. Having this kind of data on hand can enable a team lead to decide the maximum amount of hours a worker can be on site safely. It can also help them understand how they can optimize the layout of a construction site. Moreover, it can provide the insight required to determine the best course of action in order to prevent easily avoidable workplace injuries and accidents. Wearables are used to make sure everyone is safe, and that the work is being done properly and efficiently.

Tracking Site Sensors

Site sensors allow contractors to keep track of some of the risk factors that might be harder to see on the jobsite. Pillar Technologies’ site sensor is an example of a device that can detect noise levels, vibration, changes in temperature, dust particulates, and any harmful or volatile compounds.
Keeping careful track of these environmental factors can help contractors keep their workers safe from dangerous compounds and make sure they have proper protection while on site. The detection of changes in weather allows contractors to protect any material necessary. This saves them time and money that would be spent on replacing materials and equipment damaged by environmental factors.


With the support of electronic grade controls such as GPS, lasers, robots and drones, contractors and their teams are able to successfully complete harder projects more efficiently and faster than ever before. GPS can be used for location tracking, lasers allow construction workers to measure distances, robots help with simple tasks like concrete pouring, and drones take aerial view pictures allowing contractors to see their projects from above. For instance, Skydio’s drones can be used in the planning phases of a project, to monitor progress, or to take a site survey in a minimally-intrusive way. Although there is a manual way to do most of these tasks, technology has made these processes less time consuming and more convenient for contractors, site managers and laborers across the globe.


Design software such as 3ds Max allow blueprints and designs to live off the page. With detailed virtual walk-throughs, contractors can visualize all aspects of the project, and predict and prevent possible issues.
Just like any business, construction has administrative work. When it comes to paperwork, scheduling and communication, access to cloud-based software creates efficiency and an organized flow. By uploading documents to the cloud, everyone can have access from anywhere. Software like BuildBook make all of this possible with their project management tools. Being organized is essential for any business, and these types of software have made it easier than ever before.

It’s clear that technology has helped the construction industry evolve. Although change is hard, welcoming innovation is key to having a successful and scalable business in an ever-evolving market. One way that companies are making the transition easier is by having free offers. If you are a contractor looking to take advantage of technology, you can get started for FREE with companies like RenoRun with their 90 day trial offering free deliveries and a discounted rate on materials.
Curious to see how you can make the most out of available tech? Click on the links throughout this article to learn more!

Byline: Stephanie Medalsy

| 6/1/2022 11:29:29 AM | 0 comments
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