Asking for a Referral Without Annoying Your Past Customers

Think of the last time you tried a new restaurant, brought your car in for service, or planned vacation. Did you choose the company, brand, or destination at random? Or did you decide after hearing about it through a friend, coworker, or family member? Do you remember having a great experience and later on sharing that online or in conversations with your neighbors, peers, or coworkers? This is word-of-mouth advertising: free promotion triggered by a past customer experience or event.
Referral marketing is the level up from work-of-mouth advertising: guiding the conversation instead of hoping for growth. It’s the most affordable, targeted and personal way for your remodeling business to advertise—and it’s as easy as asking your clients to put in a good word for you! Past clients are great targets for referral marketing because you already have a bond with them. If they’re happy with your services, they’re most likely to refer friends, family and neighbors to you. 
People trust people over brands and businesses
Referrals are a trusted form of advertising because they don’t feel like advertising. People rely on and seek out the opinions of people they know to guide them on who to choose for their upcoming remodeling project. Tapping into word-of-mouth with a referral marketing campaign means getting genuine, positive feedback about your business in front of a new pool of potential clients.

Referred customers are loyal customers
A study published in the American Marketing Association’s Journal of Marketing found that a customer who has been referred to your business is 18% more likely to become a loyal, long-term customer compared to an off-the-street customer. This is huge: not only can referrals help you to acquire new projects, they can also dramatically increase the chances people will use your business again. The study also found that people are more likely to have a sense of loyalty to your company if their friends and family have used you in the past and also had a positive experience.

There’s value in repetition
Referrals come in many forms, but custom post-project follow-up postcards are one of the best ways to go. A well-designed postcard with a genuine message serves as a visual reminder that you care and your business is different. But people often need to see your message more than once. Even a series of six well-timed personal postcards can help build a relationship between you and your clients—and motivate past clients to share their opinions of you with the people in their life. Repeated interactions with your brand can set you apart from your competitors. This compounds over time, positioning you as the go-to, tipping the scales for your business and accelerating your future project pipeline.

Cut through the clutter of digital
With no envelope to open, vibrant postcards cut through mailbox clutter and allow your past clients to see your message right away. Postcards are a great direct mail format because:                      

  1. They’re Personal — You control the messaging and images, allowing you to appeal directly to your past clients.                        
  2. They’re High Impact — With no envelope to open, your marketing message or offer makes an immediate, one-to-one connection and cuts through the mailbox clutter.
  3. They’re Cost-Effective — Because postcards are relatively low in cost, you can achieve great results more efficiently through one-to-one targeting.
According to a recent Mail Moment study conducted by the USPS:
  1. 67% of consumers feel a postcard is more personal than either an internet ad or email.
  2. 55% say receiving personal postcards is a real pleasure.
  3. 55% look forward to reading relevant direct mail pieces they receive.

Grow your impact over time
The effects of a single interaction or follow-up postcard may seem small, but they build over time. While clients may not immediately pick up the phone and call a neighbor to talk about you, sending a series of referral postcards over twelve months creates recall that will keep you top-of-mind when an opportunity arrives. When their coworker mentions a plan to remodel and a past client recommends you, that consistency will pay off.                          

Automate your Client Follow-Up in 2021
Ready to get started with referral marketing? QuantumDigital’s new AutoMail Remodeler Client Follow-Up system was built specifically for NARI members like you. In a few easy steps, you can set up a twelve-month automated mailing campaign. It’s a hands-free way to stay in touch with past clients and ask for new referrals (in a friendly, non-annoying way).
Unique NARI features include:
  • Ready-to-go, six postcard follow-up campaign that can be easily edited and customized
  • A “Warranty is About to Expire” card that can be scheduled one month before the expiration date 
  • Option for you to upload your own designs and project photos
  • Ability to redirect the client to your website, Facebook page, Instagram account, or any other digital company asset
  • Ability to track when past clients engage with the postcard and visit your digital web assets
How it works:  Click here to learn more: NARI Client Follow-Up

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