History Can Repeat Itself

What does a home that used to house a family of two parents and nine boys look like 90 years later? This 1920 historic home was strategically placed on two acres of exquisite land in Santa Barbara, with stunning views in all directions. By 2010, the house had seen better days. Water damage, sunken floors and overall time had done its damage, but Allen Construction remodelers were up for the challenge.

The goal was to keep the integrity of the home while adding high-end, modern functionality. Allen Construction was on board with the project and worked diligently to perfect every inch of the house. From the custom iron work to the hand painted beams and panels to the antique light fixtures, the goal was to resurrect this home to its glory days. It was pertinent to pay close attention to the architectural details not only to keep the awe-inspiring, original aesthetic but also to completely modernize the home.

Allen Construction had over 25 team members supporting this one project, lasting a total of nine months. They worked on everything, including hiring an artist to painting the walls, restoring all the hardware on site to finding matching finishes and using the existing tile (because there isn’t anything on the market that compares). Throughout the entire experience, the homeowners were astounded that they had remodelers completely transform their home in less than a year and it felt like they were never even there.

27-7-9193a2The gem of the remodel was finding a storybook on the house that included pictures and stories from previous owners. The Allen Construction team took a few of the drawings and used them as guides to compare the restoration authenticity. It was as if the house was finally coming back to life.

27-7-9193a7It was a truly memorable experience for both Allen Construction and the homeowners. Tremendous challenges were overcome and the history of the house was so rich. The clients truly invested their hearts into the home and restoration. Allen Construction knew from the moment of completion that this would be the perfect project to submit for the National Association of the Remodeling Industry’s Contractor of the Year Award. Winning the award was icing on the cake.

What projects have you fallen in love with?

NARI is currently accepting applications for their 2018 Contractor of the Year Award. Learn more and enter here!

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