Young Remodeler Comes Home to the Family Business

Zack Emmons of Creative Construction of Wisconsin, Inc. in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, is no stranger to remodeling and is recognized as one of ProRemodeler Magazine’s 2019 “40 Under 40.”  Zack shares his journey towards a career in remodeling with NARI and the road to professionalism.

“Sometimes a bad thing can turn into a good result,” started Zack Emmons. “I grew up in a remodeling family – my parents Bingo and Deb Emmons started and have run Creative Construction of Wisconsin Inc. for a long time. But as a kid, I wasn’t really interested in joining the family business.”
This is a familiar story to many young adults whose parents run a small business. “Remodeling wasn’t high on my list of careers. I was going to start school for Engineering and then I got the call from my mother,” Zack continued.

When Duty Calls, Answer

On September 11, 2012, Deb Emmons called Zack with bad news: his dad, Bingo, fell from a two-story window and was badly injured. “It was time to step up, and I’m glad I did.” Zack took over Bingo’s cell phone and literally began to manage the business.
“I started going out to bid jobs, worked with current clients on their projects and supported other tasks. And I made a lot of mistakes. That’s where NARI came in. I reached out to a number of NARI Milwaukee members who were very supportive while my dad was recovering.”

Zack got more involved in NARI Milwaukee and is now a huge advocate for the skilled trades. He’s a Co- Chair of the workforce development committee and attends school fairs to share the many options available in remodeling.  Zack is also a member of the NARI Milwaukee Foundation Board.
 A huge believer in education and training, Zack has also taken the NARI educational courses of CRS, CRPM and UDCP.  

Benefits of NARI Membership

In addition to networking and serving on a committee, the NARI Accredited Remodeling Company (ARC) program has been instrumental in Creative Construction of Wisconsin Inc.’s business plan. “My dad’s been doing this his whole life and knows it like the back of his hand. But going through the process to document everything, write it down – that’s invaluable,” Zack noted, continuing, “We even joked that my mom and dad can now leave the country and know the business is in my capable hands.”

The Future Looks Bright

Zack continues to learn from his dad and is planning his future including getting married soon and making a home for his Plott Hound. “I’m proud to be a remodeler and a NARI member. We can only go up from here.”

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