NARI congratulates newly certified members

NARI members looking to further their professionalism—as well as to add another tool to their marketing arsenal—often get certified in one of NARI’s nine subject areas. These certifications measure your knowledge base, not your attendance at a class.

New in 2013 are specific certification test dates. The names below successfully passed an exam given during the May testing dates. The next certification testing dates are Aug. 23 and 24, 2013.

Great job on all the hard work!

Master Certified Remodeler (MCR)
Mark Brick, MCR, UDCP, B & E General Contractors Inc.
Milwaukee NARI

Certified Remodeler (CR)
Lou Alvarado Jr., CR, Handy Husband
Nathan Harbison, CR, The Macallan Group LLC
John Gorzinski, CR, JCG Home Repair & Remodeling LLC
Brian Champion, CR, Champion Design & Renovations LLC
NARI Atlanta

Todd Hendry, CR, Best Buy Construction Inc.
Trent Newville, CR, Excel Builders
NARI of Minnesota

Jeff Reasinger, CR, Organized Home Remodeling
NARI of Central Ohio

David Benner, CR, David Benner Fine Remodeling
Chris Pete, CR, Craftsman Construction & Homes LLC
Greater Portland ORA/NARI

Ben Lindberg, CR, Waunakee Remodeling Inc.
Chad Saeman, CR, Waunakee Remodeling Inc.
Steven Udelhofen, CR, Frey Construction & Home Improvement LLC
NARI of Madison

Jared Burback, CR, Burback Builders LLC
Joe Kazmierczak, CR, Burback Builders LLC
Randy Miller, CR, Allrite Home & Remodeling Inc.
Matthew Jahns, CR, Refined Renovations
Kevin Latsch, CR, Design Tech Remodeling
Milwaukee NARI

Mark Jacobs, CR, Artech Construction

Certified Kitchen and Bath Remodeler (CKBR)
Kristie Schneider, CKBR, Case Design/Remodeling
NARI of Silicon Valley

Amy McFadden, CKBR, Amy McFadden Interior Design
Kaytlyn Constantinou, CKBR, Design 1 Kitchen and Bath
Mark Halliday, CKBR, Design 1 Kitchen and Bath
Michael Kirtland, CKBR, Design 1 Kitchen and Bath
Patrick Small, CKBR, Design 1 Kitchen and Bath
NARI Eastern Massachusetts

Damon Wynn, CKBR, Wynn’s Services
Ohio Valley NARI

Lloyd Martindale, CKBR, C & K Construction & Remodeling LLC
Greater Portland ORA/NARI

Dan Bolduc, CKBR, Mountain West Construction & Remodeling Inc.
Greater Salem ORA/NARI

William Giesey, CR, CKBR, Bellweather Construction LLC
Bucks-Mont NARI

Aaron Gehman, CKBR, CLC, Gehman Design Remodeling
Alphonsus McCarthy, CKBR, CLC, Gehman Design Remodeling

Joey Gates, CKBR, The Shower Shop
NARI of Greater Dallas

Certified Lead Carpenter (CLC)
Joshua MacInnis, CLC, Miller Construction Co. Inc.
Dave Swaney, CLC, Allain Construction Inc.
Russell Suenaert, CLC, Allain Construction Inc.
Nicholas Stewart, CLC, Stewart Building Group Inc.
NARI Eastern Massachusetts

Gabe Chiu, CLC, Schloegel Design Remodel
Jim Shearer, CLC, ALH Home Renovations LLC
Kansas City NARI

Dave Walker, CLC, Custom Home Works LLC
Jeff Frank, CLC, Peter A. Robinson Remodeling LLC
Richard Markley, CLC, Organized Home Remodeling
NARI of Central Ohio

Eric Tilghman, CLC, Tilghman Builders Inc.
Myles Gibbons, CLC, Calfayan Construction Associates Inc.
Michael Raisman, CLC, Gemmi Construction Inc.
Derrick Lauff, CLC, Ivyland Builders LLC
Matthew Hill, CLC, Custom Craft Contractors Inc.
Richard Baker, CLC, Custom Craft Contractors Inc.
Stephen Torres, CLC, Harth Builders
James Kowalski, CLC, Keswick Kitchen & Bath
NARI of Bucks-Mont

Kevin Collum, CLC, Chad’s Carpentry Inc.
Collin Joseph Taylor, CLC, Waunakee Remodeling Inc.
NARI of Madison

James DeWalt, CLC, Dimension Design, Build, Remodel Inc.
James Zaja, CLC, Brillo Home Improvements Inc.
Robert Heckel, CLC,Brillo Home Improvements Inc.
Derek Harcus, CLC, Callen Construction Inc.
Joshua Salapat, CLC, Callen Construction Inc.
Milwaukee NARI

Green Certified Professional (GCP)
Seth Freeman, CRPM, GCP, Steve Rempe-General Contractor Inc.
North Bay NARI Builders Roundtable

Doug Masters, GCP, Masters Touch
NARI Eastern Massachusetts

Timothy Ferraro, GCP, Bluestem Construction
NARI of Minnesota

Desmond Greaves, GCP, DG Custom Built Homes & Remodeling

Patrick Hurst, CR, GCP, Hurst Design-Build-Remodeling
NARI of Greater Cleveland

Universal Design Certified Professional (UDCP)
Kelly Potter, UDCP, Eren Design & Remodeling Company Inc.
NARI of Southern Arizona/Tucson

Bob Rosenberg, CR, UDCP, GR8WORK Builders Inc.
NARI of Silicon Valley

Eduardo Sanchez-Yarce, UDCP, Lofft Construction Inc.

Mark Zdrojewski, UDCP, Rebuilding Together Tampa Bay
NARI Tampa Bay Area

Jesse Ham, UDCP, ABC Renovations
Kansas City NARI

Jill Worobec, UDCP, Mosby Building Arts Ltd.
NARI of Greater St. Louis
Laurence Martin Carolan, GCP, UDCP, The House of Laurence
Harris Boshak, UDCP, Florence Corporation
Mauro Coreas, UDCP, Florence Corporation
Sean Bechoff, UDCP, G. B. Construction  & Development Inc.

John Fricke, CR, UDCP, Fricke & Company LLC
Ken Bryan, UDCP, KBC, Inc. Design/Building Remodeling
Ohio Valley NARI
Robert Bates, CR, CKBR, UDCP, Badger Carpentry Inc.
Dan Klappa, CR, UDCP, jdj builders Inc.
Milwaukee NARI

Certified Remodeler Project Manager (CRPM)
Mary Meyers, CRPM, Allen-Built Inc.

Kent Tsui, CR, CRPM, Quality Cut Remodelers
Andre Balkcum, CRPM, Quality Cut Remodelers
James Noble, CRPM, Noble Interiors Inc.
NARI of Minnesota

Daniel Laudermilk, CRPM, Bauscher Construction & Remodeling
Jerry Bauscher, CRPM, Bauscher Construction & Remodeling
Timothy Nickell, CRPM, Bauscher Construction & Remodeling
Ohio Valley NARI

Shane Pipkin, CRPM, Provenance Builders
Colin Pedigo, CRPM, Dallas Renovation Group
NARI of Greater Dallas

Ron Ammons, CRPM, Angel Builders Construction Enterprises
Jack Collins, CRPM, Angel Builders Construction Enterprises
Richard Rifley, CRPM, Angel Builders Construction Enterprises
NARI of Houston

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