Time-lapse video brings project process to life

When a homeowner gets stars in their eyes over your amazing design of the space in their house that has bugged them for years, they forget anything you might have said about the process that will take them from Point A to Point B. You know, those minor details like the days they will have no cabinets or toilet.


Remodelers currently busy; forecast is clouded by uncertainty

Third-quarter results from NARI’s Remodeling Business Pulse data of current and future remodeling business conditions is positive overall with mixed sentiment about the future.  Research gathered in September shows NARI members are currently experiencing a positive business climate—in fact, the most positive so far this year and up by 2.5 percent since last quarter.


Spaulding steps down as president-elect; Mozen appointed secretary

Fred Spaulding, CR, CKBR, UDCP, President-elect of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI), announced his resignation effective Oct. 26, 2012. With extreme regret in reaching this difficult decision, Spaulding decided to step down due to health concerns.


Technology’s role in home improvement

“Technology Forcing Change in Home Improvement Retailing” presented by Winston Ledet, of Premium Retail Solutions based in Smyrna, Ga., is a good synopsis of where consumers are in the home improvement technology sphere, which provides strong indicators for where remodelers need to be in order to get noticed.


Getting to know Gen Y

In the presentation, “Home Improvement Retail 2013 and Beyond,” Laura Kennedy, senior analyst at Kantar Retail based in Cambridge, Mass., presented interesting insight into generational trends, specifically focused on technology and the influence it has over the next largest population segment, Gen Y (10 to 30 years old, though for this research, 18 to 30 years.)


Consumers assume control of the value proposition

A product of the economic downturn is a massive shift in consumer behavior. Identifying these shifts will give remodelers an advantage when it comes to adjusting their tactics to reach consumers and their offerings to respond to those consumers’ future needs.


Highlights from the 2012 Fall HIRI Conference

The Home Improvement Research Institute focuses on research and trend data within the remodel, repair and home improvement industries.  The majority of attendees–product manufacturers and retailers— are focused on reaching both consumer and trade audiences to position their brand as the most dependable, convenient or innovative in the market. And, even though this year’s theme was directed at home improvement retailing, there were some standout statistics and trends that will influence business for NARI members.


NARI of San Diego chapter pitches in for worthy cause

NARI members give back to the community, and in keeping with that, NARI of San Diego’s third-annual charity build was particularly rewarding for one family in the community.


Remodelers express optimism at 2012 Remodeling Show

Another Remodeling Show is in the books, and the buzz from the show floor was that although it was smaller, there were a lot of niche products exhibiting that were just the items many remodelers were looking for to fulfill a client’s need.


Help solve your clients’ financing issues

Sales experts know that in order to make a sale, they must identify the client’s problems and provide the solution. Financing continues to be a barrier to growth in the remodeling industry—and it may be a solution remodelers can help with in order to make the sale. Remodeler opinions vary when it comes to whether it is part of their job to ensure clients have financing for projects yet, in today’s economic climate, it might get you clients who otherwise would have put the project on hold.


Other, big impact items regarding healthcare

Before jumping on the new healthcare bandwagon, here are a few things business owners should be aware of.


Voluntarily providing health coverage: 4 scenarios

According to the October 2011 NARI Member Profile Study, 53% of NARI member companies provide group health-care insurance to their employees.  As a business owner, providing health insurance to employees up until this point has been a personal business decision, and for most NARI companies that are small businesses, it continues to be. If an employer chooses to provide coverage to their employees, they will have several ways to do so.


The Essential Plan

All plans must have essential items under the mandate, but coverage levels can be determined by the employer—Bronze level 60%, Silver level 70%, Gold level 80% and Platinum levels 80%. Each level corresponds with how much of the plan cost will be covers by the employer.


Overview of NARI National Webinar, Healthcare Mandate: What’s Next?

Effective January 1, 2014, everyone will have healthcare…in theory.  The new mandate helps many people who don’t have healthcare and need healthcare. But for those that have healthcare or own small/large businesses, the new mandate comes with hefty changes and possibly increased costs or penalties if not properly followed.


Owners benefit from project management skills at every level

“Project management is a key driver of my company success,” says Michael McCutcheon, owner of McCutcheon Construction Inc., based in Berkeley, Calif.  Not surprising—considering he employs eight Certified Remodeler Project Managers (CRPM) at his remodeling company.


Market yourself as an approved 203(k) contractor

Though the economy continues to improve, businesses are still moving cautiously—especially banks and lenders. Financing and credit lines are still hard to come by, and those that are available come with high rates and high scrutiny.


NARI congratulates October’s newly certified members

NARI members looking to further their professionalism—as well as to add another tool to their marketing arsenal—often get certified in one of NARI’s nine subject areas. These certifications measure your knowledge base, not your attendance at a class.


Patent your product design

Budd Shamroth, CR, used 20 years of experience as president of Before and After Remodeling of Rockville Centre, N.Y., to develop and manufacture a product for the home based on the necessity of his clients. Unexpectedly, that product has given him an extra edge over his competition, increasing revenue in his remodeling business.


Bryce Jacob to present on Universal Design at 2012 Remodeling Show

Bryce Jacob, CR, UDCP, of Dave Fox Design Build Remodelers, will present “NARI Universal Design: Universal Design Certification” on the show floor at booth #5928 during The Remodeling Show.


NARI members receive free estimating tool

Time and time again, business owners face the same question, “How can I make my company more efficient?” These days, if you’re not using technology to do so, it may be the prime differentiator between you and your competition and your company’s profitability.


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