Accelerating Home Remodeling with Canvas: A Success Story from Mosby Building Arts

Kitchen remodel by Mosby. Photo credits: Mosby Building Arts

By NARI Industry Partner Canvas
In the dynamic world of home remodeling, staying ahead of the curve often requires embracing innovative technologies that revolutionize traditional processes. Mosby Building Arts, a home remodeling company based in St. Louis, Missouri, did just that by integrating Canvas into their operations in late 2020. With around 140 employees and an impressive track record of completing 500 projects annually, the company's adoption of Canvas marked a significant turning point in their approach to documentation, design, and efficiency.

The Canvas team helped train and get the Mosby team up to speed. Onboarding with Canvas includes three main steps: testing sample files in your preferred design program(s), reviewing training videos or having a 1:1 demo with an onboarding specialist, and practicing scanning before you’re on-site with a client.

“Since we figured out how best to use it, it's been really smooth sailing,” said Geoffrey Anderson, Drafting Supervisor at Mosby Building Arts. “Now almost half of the people that have it here use it weekly.”


Bathroom makeover. Photo credits: Mosby Building Arts

Strategic Implementation

Mosby Building Arts discovered two distinct applications for Canvas that significantly streamlined their processes. First, the company's sales consultants have started preemptively scanning homes during their first appointments. When the homeowner signs a design agreement; the Mosby team then sends the scans to Canvas for processing.

Man cave makeover. Photo credits: Mosby Building Arts

“And then we're going back out to the house with a pre-drawn floor plan,” said Geoffrey. “Meaning we just need to double-check and define the areas that we're working in. And it’s been a huge time saver doing it that way.”
This proactive approach allows them to hit the ground running once the green light is given, saving precious time during the crucial early stages of a project.

Second, the drafting team is using Canvas to document as-built conditions, creating 3D models and floor plans that replace time-consuming manual measurements and drafting. The result? A quicker turnaround on designs and layouts, allowing the team to focus on other tasks while waiting for files from Canvas.

Kitchen remodel by Mosby. Photo credits: Mosby Building Arts

“There's a few days between it being scanned and getting delivered back to us,” said Geoffrey. “We have it set up so that our team is working on permits or working on other projects that are in their pipeline during that. It's to the point where instead of us needing like four to five weeks to put together a plan that a designer can start concepts on, we only need two.

Boosting Efficiency and Confidence

Canvas proved to be a game-changer for Mosby Building Arts. Not only did it cut down on the time spent creating drawings, but it also enhanced the onboarding process for new employees without a construction background.

Leveraging Customer Support

The success of the Canvas integration was further reinforced by the exceptional customer support provided by the Canvas team. Mosby Building Arts utilizes Chief Architect to build comprehensive 3D models of homes, complete with different levels including basements, first floors, and second floors.
However, once a level is defined in the software, it becomes difficult to reposition. For instance, when a lower level is initially categorized as a first-floor level, the process of moving it to the basement becomes cumbersome.

But by collaborating closely with Canvas, the Mosby team has devised a workaround.

“But there's been a couple of times where we've accidentally forgotten to do that and didn’t realize until we got the scan back,” said Geoffrey. “And I'll reach out to their customer support and ask if there’s any way that they can have the levels rearranged. And they always say, ‘No problem.’”

The efficiency and responsiveness of Canvas' support team have consistently upheld the seamless integration of their technology into our workflow.

“Their customer service team has been unbelievable,” said Geoffrey. “They have been extremely collaborative and willing to help.”

In a world where every minute counts, tools like Canvas can make the difference between standing still and surging ahead. 

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